My Five (or So) "Re-s" of Spring Cleaning

2 weeks ago

It's peak Quarantine 2020. I'm doing some lightweight (well, truthfully, a very-timing consuming round of) spring cleaning—not of my closet or office or anything practically productive—but spring cleaning—of my business. Translation: It's time to basically start from scratch. I'm offing 3-year-old product inventory. I'm rebranding. I'm recreating a new website and online shop, redesigning products, and rethinking my entire workflow process. And yes, I'm going through all my social media and archiving 99.9% of posts.

What struck me as potentially meaningful was coming across one post's caption in particular, written exactly 2 years ago. Le Biz had just participated as a vendor in an artisan craft fair in Pasadena, and to say the least, it was not a success. I wasn't as frustrated as I was confused—how can I continue to create (which is my heart's passion) if I'm not providing a demanded-enough product or service? So, I decided to take a step back, to regroup, and to do some, well, yes—spring cleaning of both my home space and my headspace. Minimizing, stripping it down, getting real and raw and vulnerable in order to reconnect with my vision and to rebuild my biz (and myself) up again.

That post I wrote was a reflection of my response to that Pasadena setback, that"non-success" (I don't like using the word failure), and I felt led to share it again now.

2 years ago

Spring Cleaning. It’s officially complete. Better late than never, right? It only took me exactly four weeks to comb through every nook and cranny of our minimal-storage-spaced, 2nd-story, 2-bed/2-bath apartment. Weeks well-spent separating the do- from don’t-needs, reminiscing on the stories behind [literally] everything we own, and all-around minimalizing for a design balance between global intentionality + visual aesthetic (i.e., placing a faux fur-covered stool in the [now] color-coded master closet for a more inviting modern niche—I’ll share some photos soon). But the whole point is that few things feel safer to me than a tidy home and the good riddance of unnecessities. *Breathe in, breathe out.*

In total hindsight, the month of May has been all about the ‘RE-s’:

1. Refreshing my space (both my mental headspace and the physical space I reside in);

2. Reflecting on what is and isn’t working well (taking losses as learning wins, but if it’s broken, fix it);

3. Refocusing my time, resources, and energy (and the inevitable flux between the three);

4. Remembering the integral importance of self-care (I’m talking snapping that MacBook closed by 9pm, more time for bath time, @natureskindle candles, @marieclairemag @gq @wineenthusiast magazines, + ALL the @mamonde_us South-Korean floral essence skincare, from spa cleansing oil to hydrating beauty water to bubble chiffon petal masks); and

5. Realizing that it’s perfectly OK to say "no" to negativity and opportunities that compromise the threshold of my individual bandwidth. I surely can’t do it all, I won’t claim to, and "no," I really REALLY don’t need to.

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