Why Making Your Bed Every Day Is So Important

As a kid, it's such a hassle, right? A chore.

"Make your bed, honey!" —Your mom.

Why would I make my bed for no real reason, right? Who cares?! It's not like anyone is going to see it. No one's going to recognize it or give me a pat on the back, and it's not going to matter if I made my bed 3 or 7 times this week.

But as a grownup girl, I am here to say: Your beautiful mama knows what she's talking about! She assigned this daily task to you to instill healthy productive habits in your routine.

I recently re-read a book I read in my senior year of college (yes, I keep all my textbooks because yes, I am a bookworm!) titled The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp.

Her words on forming habits and routines in creative entrepreneurial careers really resonated with me.

"After so many years, I've learned that being creative is a full-time job with its own daily patterns. That's why [entrepreneurs] like to establish routines for themselves. The most productive ones get started early in the morning, when the world is quiet, the phone isn't buzzing, and their minds are rested, alert, and not yet polluted by [interference]. They might set a goal for themselves—accomplish it, or not—but the real secret is that they do this every day. In other words, they are disciplined. Over time, as daily routines become second nature, discipline morphs into habit."

Acts done repeatedly become habits and the way we spend our time becomes how we live out our days. Our habits can even become rituals, sacred moments with ourselves with no ulterior motives for recognition.

It's a simple act, making your bed. But when we form habits, we create structure for our bodies and minds. We feel more in control, more balanced, and more productive, ready to tackle our busy day ahead. By 7 AM, we've already accomplished something for ourselves and that is a very empowering thing.

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